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2019 Malibu Wakesetter 22LSV in Brookfield, CT

Choosing the Right Boat

When you’re shopping for a boat, there are some important factors you’ll need to take into consideration so you can make the right choice. There are many different options to choose from so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for but first, you need to figure out what that is. You can start by evaluating certain aspects of a boat like the overall size, hull shape, and possible activities you’ll want to do with your boat. At Brookfield Bay Marina & Yacht Club, we know this is a very important decision, which is why we’ve put together some helpful information to guide you in the process.

The size of your boat will be determined by the number of people you wish to bring along and where you plan to do most of your boating. If you’ll only be boating solo or with one or two other people then a small fishing boat without all the frills might be sufficient. On the other hand, if you plan to head out on the open ocean with a large crew, you’ll need a bigger boat, like a pontoon. As for the hull, a wide, flat boat will perform well in shallow waters and be able to drafter over obstacles with ease. If you plan to navigate choppy waters then you’ll need a more V-shaped hull that’s capable of cutting through deep waters. Remember to think about what you’ll be using your boat for the most. Pontoons and yachts are great boats for entertaining a large group on the water. Smaller aluminum boats are great fishing boats but you might want something a bit bigger with more storage if you plan to enjoy water sports.

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