Boat and Yacht Winterization

Boat and Yacht Winterization in  Brookfield, CT

Boat and Yacht Winterization

We know that winterizing your boat or yacht might not be the most exciting task but it’s still a very important process that needs to be done properly. As you eagerly await the return of boating season, you want to ensure that your vessel is safely and correctly stored in the meantime. Keep in mind that inactivity over the colder months can accelerate the wear and tear process of your boat and surely you don’t want that.

Here at Brookfield Bay Marina, we do our best to assist our customers with maintenance, service, and any other boating needs. We’ve put together this helpful guide on boat and yacht winterization. If you have questions or wish to check out our current inventory, give us a call or stop by our dealership in Brookfield, CT today!


Prior to storing your boat, you’ll need to give it a full cleaning first. Start by washing both the exterior and interior of the boat. You should aim to remove salt, algae, and grime that might’ve accumulated throughout the boating season. Remember to pay attention to the smaller spots like in between the seats and the crevices. As for the interior, you should remove any equipment like fishing rods and water sports gear. Once you’ve finished cleaning the boat, you should allow time for it to dry completely before you wax it. Speaking of which, waxing might not seem like a mandatory step but if you plan to store your boat outside, you definitely don’t want to skip it.


When it comes to maintenance, there a couple of key things you’ll need to do before you store your boat or yacht for the winter. You can start with changing the oil. Any oil or acid that’s left behind can potentially corrode the engine. While you’re at it, you should change the oil filter and flush it out to remove any water before adding fresh oil.

Be sure to use antifreeze for the cooling system, especially if you reside in an area where the weather dips into freezing temperatures. Did you know that once water freezes, it can expand by up to 9% and cause damage to the engine? You should definitely avoid that at all costs! Flush your system by giving it a fresh water rinse using flush muffs. Then, you’ll need to circulate the antifreeze through the cooling system until exits out through the exhaust. When you perform a thorough cooling system flush, you’ll also help protect your boat from salt corrosion.

As your boat sits for an extended period of time, lubricants and oils won’t circulate and this can lead to corrosion and rust. Depending on your motor, one way to avoid this is to spray fogging oil into the fuel compartments, cylinders, and carburetors. This creates a residue that’ll remain in place while the engine is idle and protects your engine’s moving parts in the winter season. Ethanol gasoline can begin absorbing water in as little as 30 days so stabilizer will protect your tank from freezing condensation. As an added bonus, this step also ensures that your fuel will be ready to use when boating season comes back around.


You’re officially ready to store your boat or yacht for the winter! Your final steps will include battery removal and storage. Make sure to store your battery in a cool, dry place and connect it to trickle charger to maintain the overall health. Alternatively, if you don’t have a trickle charge it, you can charge it regularly once a month. Wherever you plan to store your boat, it would be wise to invest in a breathable boat cover. When you’re storing your boat or yacht indoors, a cover will protect it from grime and dust. For outdoor storage, make sure the cover is applied tightly so rain, snow, and other elements cannot damage it.

Don't wait until it's too late - make sure your boat has the winterization services needed for complete protection this winter. Your boat is in good hands at Brookfield Bay Marina & Yacht Club. We'll make sure all necessary steps are taken so your boat is safe in the cold months and ready to go once the snow melts. From last-minute repairs to anti-freeze flushes, we'll completely winterize your boat. We’re conveniently located in Brookfield, CT and would be delighted to assist with any of your boating needs.

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